Deliver cost-effectively to more readers

Energize circulation and build relationships with your customers.

Priced especially for news and information periodicals, the Publications Mail™ service is the most effective way to deliver newspapers, magazines and newsletters to new and existing customers

The Publications Mail service delivers magazines and newsletters more cost-effectively to more readers than any other service in Canada. And, you can use it to build readerships and improve advertising revenues.

Reach new prospects, boost circulation

Easily find new subscribers with Canada Complete™, Canada's most complete, comprehensive and mailable national list, which now also has consumer names that can be included in direct mail campaigns.

Grow advertising revenues

With Publications Mail, you can send more. Grow your revenues by allowing advertisers to include samples and promotional items in your regularly planned communications.

Keep track of customers on the move

Keep your customer database up to date with a weekly electronic report containing address label information from those items that could not be delivered. Or, have the undeliverable items returned by mail so you can update your mailing list.

The mailbox delivers great ROI

The mailbox is one of marketing’s least cluttered channels — helping to deliver high response rates and good return on investment.

How it benefits you:

Advertisements in the mailbox are effective at driving online purchases.
Canada Post delivers to every mailbox in Canada – put your message directly into your customers’ hands.

Whether you're a seasoned campaigner looking for great service & the best rates, or a new-business owner wanting to explore Direct Mail marketing, give us a call! We still answer the phone, and love to talk mail. Talk to us about developing the best mailing plan.

As a Direct Mail Provider, we have the In-depth Knowledge & Technical Expertise that lead to campaign success and savings.

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