Please call or email for details on any question about your mailings. Most jobs are comprised of many facets affecting each other in various ways. Don't hesitate to ask for an explanation of how we get your mail from the shop floor to the post office.

Some popular questions...

Do you have a price list?
No. With so many variable tasks required for each mailing, it is best to call for an accurate quote. 

Does SmartSort sell mailing lists?
No. But we recommend Canada Complete, one of the most complete and accurate direct mail lists. Reach your best prospects with Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™. Call for details.

When do I pay postage for my mailing?
Postage is required up front from all of our clients.

Can you set up Business Reply Mail for my mailing?
We can help our clients register for Business Reply Mail through Canada Post.

Should I use "Return Postage Guaranteed" on my mailing?
There is a modest cost for mail returned to you, but may pay for itself in allowing you to update your database.

When can I use a Postal Indica?
Most clients have, or are encouraged to obtain, Canada Post accounts for the type of mail they send out. Then we'll provide your indicia.

What formats do you accept data in?
We accept data in excel, comma delimited, tab delimited, d-base, etc. Contact us for other formats which may be convertible.

Can I email data?
Yes. Send your data to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Most other forms of portable media are also supported.

What verification do I get that my pieces were mailed?
Jobs processed using Canada Post's electronic shipping forms receive a Statement of Mailing. The statement has the quanity, postage amount, date the job was dropped. We include a copy with your invoice.

We encourage you to discuss any aspect of your Direct Mail Campaign. Having the RIGHT questions answered can assist in ensuring your mailing needs are administered to the utmost of efficiency and economy. Call Mary-Jane @ 604.580.1397